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We’re excited to present Norman SmartFit shades, the perfect answer to one of the greatest challenges homeowners have for window treatments: extremely shallow trim. We encountered such a home recently, and the client wanted to remove some really old micro blinds since the cat was having a field day with them. These weren’t just mini blinds — they were MICRO blinds! The slats were 3/8″ wide, and were really getting long in the tooth!

We discussed several options with this (REPEAT!) client, and talked about some faux wood blinds, maybe some roller shades, but when she saw how the SmartFit honeycomb shades from Norman fit with just tiny clips in the corner of the window, she knew that was just the perfect fit.

What are SmartFit shades?

These Norman SmartFit are snug as can be in this shallow trim.

These Norman SmartFit are snug as can be in this shallow trim.

Honeycomb shades are the most popular window treatment in the world. With their myriad of color options, fabric choices, and ease of operation, homeowners turn to them like nothing else! Sure, blinds are hot-hot-HOT around here in Clarksville. But when we consider that honeycomb shades are also excellent for adding energy efficiency for windows, they become as practical as they are beautiful. And with the SmartFit feature, it creates an effortless way to enjoy a top down, bottom up control for your shades.

Even if SmartFit isn’t what you’re looking for in your home, definitely consider the versatility of honeycomb shades. Every single honeycomb shade we sell is cordless — which means you’ll never have to worry about dangling cords, EVER! For parents with small children, this is a special area for peace of mind. After all, cordless shades have the coveted Best for Kids seal, every single time!

They’re safe, functional, flexible, and simply beautiful in any home. And no matter what color you choose for the inside, they’ll always be white to the street! Pink, purple, baby blue polka-dot, it’s all good! Your curb appeal will always be consistent.

So when you’re ready to see if Norman SmartFit shades are right for you and your home, call us today at 848-333-3870 or request an appointment online. We’ll be glad to show you the many options for honeycomb shades and SmartFit!

When it comes to treating windows with shallow trim, you’ve got it Made in the Shade!

SmartFit is a trademark of NormanUSA.